Friday, February 19, 2016

Zeke is 9 months old

NINE months old! How in the world????

  • I feel like I could just link to Mae's 9 month post and say "he's doing ALL the same stuff" because he pretty much is! He has so much more hair than any of the other kids did at this age.

  • Zeke's 9 month check up is next week, but I am guessing he's easily over 20 lbs....maybe 22? 
  • He's in a size 4 diaper and 12 mo clothes.
  • His naps are almost always 1.5 hours long now, which is great. He is up around 7, but sometimes I have to wake him up by 7:30. He naps around 9 until 10:30, then again at 1:30-3. He may fuss a few minutes before going to sleep, but it's pretty much easy now (YAY!). Bedtime is around 7 and he almost always falls asleep nursing still. 
  • Night sleep was pretty good for the last month. He would wake once around 3-4, but the last few nights he woke around midnight and again early morning. I'm sure some sleep training would fix that, but with moving soon, I think that will disrupt anyway, so I'm just not going to put any effort into it now. I can feed him for 10-15 minutes and be back in bed and asleep quickly.
  • He continues to nurse well in the morning, after naps, and at bedtime, then when he wakes at night. 

  • Zeke still LOVES to eat. I have added breakfast here and there and hope to get it added daily in the next month. His favorite food is probably bananas. He starts kicking and squealing when I'm peeling it and lunges after it if I'm too slow. He also likes chicken, roast, chili, green beans, black beans, diced grapes, diced blueberries, bits of cheese, crackers, and much more. Here's a video of Zeke eating (and playing). 
  • Zeke still doesn't have any teeth! Arabelle and Bo cut their first teeth in their 6th month and Mae was in her 10th month, so he should get some teeth soon. 
  • He started bathing in our bathtub without the infant seat and is doing okay with that. Of course, he keeps trying to stand up or pull the drain plug, so he is also learning what "no" means. :)

  • Zeke is such a busy boy! He is all over the place, eating anything he finds on the floor, pulling up, letting go and standing alone for a few seconds, cruising along the furniture....just all over! Here he is showing some of his skills
  • He is doing really well with independent playtime in the play pen. He still fusses for about 5 seconds when I put him in and leave the room, then he's fine. He likes to throw the toys out now. Ha! 
  • Zeke woke up from a nap recently and I found him like arm out. Ha! He seemed so confused. A couple of days later, he did it again. 

  • He has learned to clap, bounce up and down to music, and will wave bye-bye. He is such a squealer too! 
  • I have always said that 9-12 mo is my favorite baby stage and I know why now! Zeke is SO fun! He will mimic what we do. We had company over one afternoon and the other mom was holding Mae upside down. I was holding Zeke and he starts leaning over to the side for me to flip him over. When I did, he laughed and giggled so much!
  • Arabelle thinks Zeke is her little toy doll sometimes. 
Zeke is such a fun and easy going baby......we love him so much! 

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