Friday, September 18, 2015

Mini Moments

I'm behind again (what's new? This will be normal from now on, I guess).

We are all enjoying our Story of the World lessons. Here's our ancient China pictograms.

Arabelle's was a bow and arrow.

Bo's was a soldier.

Tried out the double stroller the other day and Zeke isn't really a fan yet.

My battery died the other day at the library, so we had to wait for help, Arabelle said, 'Make a sad face!' ha!

Luckily my little hoarder brought a bag of his toys, so we had plenty of entertainment.

Bo came to our room one night and said that he saw a scary thing flying around that had a green light. He drew this picture the next day of what it looked like. ;)

Color wheel:

He found his feet!

Zeke checking out the new place.

Mae is looking so big!

 I think it's safe to say that Bo is obsessed with Lego's.

Haha! I think the flash got him.

Last week we studied Ancient Africa, so we made some African painted hands and we read a story about Anansi the spider, so they made a drawing of their favorite part of the story.

That about catches us up for now! 

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