Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zeke is 4 months old

Zeke was 4 months old on August 17th. Time is flying by!

  •  He is getting to be such a big boy! His 4 month check up is next week, but I'm guessing 16+ lbs? I moved him up to his 9 month onesies because they were getting too short to fit over the cloth diapers. He's wearing 6 mo footie PJs at bedtime and a size 3 disposable diaper. 
  • Zeke found his feet just a few days before he turned 4 months old.

  • Zeke is still doing pretty well at night! He learned to roll from back to belly and now sleeps on his belly. I was afraid the transition would be difficult, but he did't make a peep that first night and was fine! Once he was rolling, I dropped the swaddle, which was also easy. Phew!
  • Zeke's naps have improved some. Usually once per day, he will take a long nap (1.5-2 hours) and the other two are 40 minute naps. He is transitioning from 4 naps to 3 naps, so on the 3 nap days, he tends to go to bed around 6:30. 
  • He still loves baths! He kicks and kicks and has so much fun! Here's a video of bath time. 

  • He still takes the pacifier some when he wakes early or is fussy in the car. 
  • His awake time is around 1 h 20 minutes for the first nap and around 1h 45 min or 2h for his last nap. 
  • I dropped the 10:00 dreamfeed since he was still waking too early in the morning. Now he wakes around 2:00-3:00, then makes it until 7ish. He's had a few early mornings, but tends to take a really long morning nap to make up for it. 
  • We are still following the eat, play, sleep routine and nursing around every 3-4 hours, obviously it depends on naps. 
  • Zeke is such a happy little guy and so ticklish! Here's a video of Zeke laughing. 
  • I got out the PINK exersaucer for Zeke to play in and he loves it! Here's a video of one of the first time he played in it. There's a little mirror on the side that he's looking at and he was smiling at himself so much! 

  • Zeke rolls over pretty much the second he gets put on his back. And tries to sit up when I prop him in the chair. He loves to kick and squeal when he's on his belly, but he gets tired of it pretty quickly. It makes for some whiny independent playtime, but we're pushing through it. 
  • He still loves to be outside and swinging on the porch.

  • Zeke at 1, 2, 3, and 4 months. 

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