Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mini Moments

Well, I'm way behind, again. Here's a bunch of what we've been up to!

For a while there, I'd have to put Zeke in the baby carrier in the early evening for his nap, so Arabelle put her baby in one too. :) She also told me that she wants to dress like a Mama for Halloween. Ha!

Mae can pull off the pants-less high heels look.

 I was feeding Zeke, so she had to feed her baby too.

Getting so big! He's sporting one of his cute bibs that Aunt Kay made him.

One night the kids wanted to sleep in our t-shirts. Mae picked this one from JV basketball tshirt. Then it hit me, that was 18 YEARS AGO!!!!

Some evenings we go out to the new place and check out the progress. The kids love the dirt mounds around the house!

The girls in the soon to be homeschool room!

Another cute bib.....Z is for Zeke!

And of course, puddle splashing!

Maybe I won't get so far behind again.....

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