Monday, June 1, 2015

Zeke's Birth Story, part 2

Zeke's Birth Story, part 1, in case you missed it.

Right after Zeke was born, weighed and nursed, it was time for the kids to meet their baby brother! They were all excited, but Mae was extra interested in baby Zeke! She wanted to be close to him and even hold him by herself. Ha!

 Bo also wanted to give him kisses.

 Then he got bored with the baby and decided to play with the curtain. ha!

Arabelle was thrilled with another sibling. She already has talked about another baby in the future. That girl.....

They had the rule of only 5 visitors at a time, so Jared took Bo and Mae out and sent the grandparents in. Arabelle stayed and got in almost all the pictures. Ha! 

Grandchild #9 (grandson #7!) for Mamaw and Papaw

Grandchild #7 for Sambo and Leigh Leigh

 Great-grandchild #12 for Connie (I think that's right!).

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit that afternoon. Their 9th great-grandchild!

I was TIRED after being up almost all night, so Zeke spent some time in the nursery that afternoon, while I dozed a bit. Then the kids came back for another visit. 

Mae really wanted to hold Zeke all by herself and was NOT happy that I kept my arms under him too. I guess she thinks he's a big baby doll!

Zeke spent the night in the nursery, except for when it was time to eat, so I got A LOT of sleep that night! 

Monday was our going home day! I was way too tired to shower on Sunday, so I got on up and showered after the Doctors came around. I was actually excited for my regular Dr to come around so I could ask him about that u/s estimate of 8.5lb several days before. ha! Needless to say, he was surprised at Zeke's size! 

Bo and Mae had a couple more days of preschool, so Jared took them to school and went to work a bit, while Arabelle and Mamaw came to visit.

Soon after lunch we were set to go home!

The kids were so excited when we got home! We told them his name, which Arabelle kept forgetting and Bo quickly declared that he didn't like. Ha! 

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