Wednesday, June 10, 2015

These days....

These days can be long, but I already can't believe Zeke is 3.5 weeks old! Because sleep always wins out for me right now, I'll post a bunch of recent pictures and go to bed. Ha!

We are back in the swing of things around here.....Zeke naps while....
 the other kids play outside and act crazy. :)

All of a sudden, Mae is a 'big kid' now.

And Arabelle is once again, a super big sister.

Last week, the oldest 3 went to church camp during the day. The theme was Weird Animals. They each made animal masks.

I got a new baby wrap (hey, 4th kids need new things too!) and Zeke LOVES it! It's stretchy and breathable, so not too terribly hot and I can get him high enough for me to sit down once he's asleep.

Mae was saying "cheese".

Every now and then Bo will be still enough to want to hold Zeke.

Sunday morning was Zeke's first time to church. He seemed unimpressed to be dressed to go.

This week, our wonderful baby sitter has been coming from 9-1ish and the kids have been thrilled. It allows them to get outside to play, play games, do crafts, cook treats, etc. It has been SO NICE!!! I can focus on Zeke and also do one on one things with each of them while he sleeps.

Big Brother and Little Brother shirts. Zeke was hungry here, so we made it quick for pictures.

 Thankfully, Mae still takes great afternoon naps!

She wakes up ready to play. She just had to wear Bo's first!

And that's what we've been up to the last couple of weeks! :)

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