Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mae's 2 year check up

Mae had her two year check up last week and she is a healthy girl!

She measured 36 inches tall (96th percentile) and was 28lb and 7oz (59th percentile). She had been the heaviest of the 3 kids at 2 years old! She got her toe pricked for her hemoglobin and lead test, which she was obviously unhappy about. Then she got one vaccine. The only perk was she got two suckers for all those pokes.

My one concern for the appointment was the fact that she is CONSTANTLY saying "what??" when I speak to her. So, not only do I have to correct her to say "mam?" I have to repeat myself a lot. :p I thought she may have a lot of wax in her ears because Arabelle has had that issue before, but they were not blocked. Apparently it's just a phase. I've started asking her what I just said and a lot of the time, she repeats it correctly, even though she asked "what???". Rascal!

So thankful for a healthy and active two year old!


  1. Mae is growing up really charming! I'm glad that her checkup went well and that she is healthy. Maybe she's just being playful for saying "what" most of the time, because most kids are usually lighthearted by nature. Haha! Well I hope that she'll stay healthy, and I'm sure she's going to grow up as a very good girl. Take care!

    Angela Gibbs @ Med Care Pediatric

  2. Mae is such a sweet looking baby! It's good to hear that she got a clean bill of health after her checkup. She is a brave little girl, enduring the pricks for hemoglobin and lead test. Thank you for sharing your baby's 2nd year checkup. It is a good example that new moms could definitely follow. Until next time!

    Terry Roberson @ MedCarePediatric