Friday, June 12, 2015

Comparison Pictures

When a new baby is born, people love to say who they think he or she favors! Most people say that Zeke favors Bo and I have to agree. Although, I think they all have favored at one stage or another. When Bo was 1, he looked JUST LIKE Arabelle's one year old pictures. When Mae was a little baby, people always said she favored Bo, but in her 2nd year, I think she favored Arabelle more. They change so much in that first year!

Here they all are as newborns: Arabelle and Bo on top, Mae and Zeke on bottom

Bo and Zeke as freshly born babies:

And here they all are in their first month. Arabelle and Bo on top, Mae and Zeke on bottom. Zeke favors Mae some in these two pictures!

And here's one of Bo on top and Zeke on bottom. 

So excited to see how Zeke grows and changes! 

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