Monday, June 30, 2014

What a week....

We had an exhausting week (physically and emotionally). It all started last Saturday (the 21st). Mae took a tumble down the back steps and got a scraped up nose, which as finally healed up! 
 We hosted a Sunday School party that day that lasted until 9:30 or so. The kids had the best time playing in the dark and catching frogs. Then it all went downhill trying to get them into the bed.....

Sunday the 22nd, Arabelle lost her 2nd tooth! It was pretty loose and she wanted me to pull it. I'd wiggle it a little and she'd ask me to stop, catch her breath, then sing, "I'm a big girl! I'm a big girl!". A couple of wiggles and it was out!
 Monday Arabelle started piano camp, so I picked her up at noon and we came home for lunch. We went on the front porch after lunch, like we usually do, then she and Bo were playing the game where she goes inside and Bo rings the doorbell. Well, she was opening the door and her hand slipped and she poked herself in the eye. She ended up going to sleep because she couldn't open her eye.

I thought she'd be okay when she woke up, but she wasn't so we went to the eye Dr. and he said she scratched it pretty badly and did some antibiotic drops and put a pressure patch over it for the night.

Have I mentioned we had Vacation Bible School from 6-9pm Monday-Friday?

 Mae found Bo's sunglasses one morning.....
 And Mae was TIRED from the long days of VBS!

Arabelle's eye wasn't feeling any better on Tuesday morning, so I took her back and they put the patch back on until Wed. morning, when her eye was a lot better. So, when I was going to get her from piano camp on Wed. afternoon, Bo had a balloon that he had been blowing up and playing with. It popped while we were in the car waiting on Arabelle. He was sad.

Then I thought it'd be fun to pick up pizza and have a picnic at the park after piano camp and before Arabelle's speech appointment. It was a good idea, in theory, but it was so hot and they were so whiny....oh well, we survived. Mae kept trying to climb and got stuck over and over.

She did love the swinging. :)

Early Thursday morning, our neighbor's house burned down, and we are just so sad about that. Poor Bo, every single time we go outside, he says, "I'm sad that Ms. Sue's house burned and she doesn't live there anymore.". The rest of the week was just a blur.....

Arabelle did make Mae a swimming pool in a bucket on Friday afternoon.

We really did have a lot of fun at VBS. As tiring at it can be, nothing can beat seeing kids learn about Jesus!

Friday night, the kids showed the parents what they learned. Here's Bo's class doing their song:

And Arabelle's class (I was actually her teacher)...she's on the back row in the black t-shirt:

We are enjoying a camp-free week this week and spending some time at HOME! 

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