Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fernandina Beach Vacation!

Saturday, May 31, we loaded up and headed down to Fernandina for a few days! We were all SO excited!!

This year, we took our sweet babysitter, Lysa, for the extra help. She was the difference between a stressed out trip and a true vacation. She helped bathe kids, put sunscreen on them, get meals on the table, played with the kids in the pool/ocean, etc. When one wanted to be in the pool and the other at the beach, it was easy! I don't know that we will ever be able to stand going again without some help!

Of course, the pictures are all out of order, so I'm not sure which days the pictures are from. We got there and threw our stuff in the condo and went straight to the beach! We played a couple of hours and had pizza for supper. Great start to vacation!

I know these next pictures are from Sunday. It was WINDY (20+ mph) and off and on drizzly. Not the best beach day. We went down late morning for some fun though!

 The water was pretty chilly, but the kids didn't care!

As you can see, the waves were pretty big there!

Mamaw and Papaw had been at St. Simons Island that weekend, so they stopped over for the afternoon.

Monday morning we got up for a walk and to look for cool shells and shark's teeth. The weather was perfect that day, so we spent most of the day in the pool or on the beach. All 3 kids had nice long naps Monday afternoon!

Tuesday morning Mae was awake before 6, so she and I went down to the beach for a little photo shoot. She LOVES the beach!

Tuesday evening, we ate at Slider's, one of our favorites! Of course, we sat outside by the playground.

And here are the rest of the beach pictures, all out of order.

I know this one was from Wednesday morning, the day we went home. We squeezed in a couple of hours on the beach before leaving at 10.

Mae saw this blanket and laid right down and did this:

Here's a video from the cool/windy Sunday. You can tell the wind is really whipping....I can't believe Jared and Daddy got in the pool with them! 

We had the best time and there were at least 3 of us who were pouting about having to come home so soon. ;)

So thankful we had a few days away to enjoy one another! 

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