Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day 2014

We had a fun Father's Day weekend! Saturday, the kids and I went to Papaw and Mamaw's house to swim, play, and eat. 

Arabelle enjoys taking pictures now too. You just have to get down on her level. :)

Arabelle and Bo are like little fish now!

Bo being a 'shark'.....his fin is there in front of his face.

Here's a video of Arabelle swimming. Later she jumped off the diving board and swam all the way to the steps! 

Sunday, we had lunch at Sambo and Leigh Leigh's house after church.

My babies love their Daddy!
 Four generations of Roberts men!

Arabelle wanted a 'girls only' picture too.

So thankful for all the Father's in our lives! 

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