Friday, June 13, 2014

Bo's Soccer Camp

This week, Bo had the First Kicks British Soccer Camp. He really enjoyed it!

Arabelle did this came camp back in 2012 with several other kids, but this year, Bo was the only one in his group, so he had the coach all to himself. Coach Matthew said Bo is actually pretty "exceptional" for a 3 year old because he doesn't have a dominant foot and uses them both pretty well.

 Ok, Bo is so cute in these next few. The coach told him he could have an ice cream cone after finishing a drill, then made him an ice cream with the cone and soccer ball and Bo thought it was hilarious!

 And, of course, he had to bring his Mama an ice cream cone too. :)

Jared was able to take Bo a couple of days, which Bo really enjoyed too. 

A few videos. I wish you could hear Bo talking the entire time while he was doing the drills. He never stopped talking to the poor coach! 

They give each camper a comment card and this was Bo's. I think Coach Matthew and Bo did have a little bond made by Friday. 

It was really fun to watch him learn and I'm curious to see if he wants to continue with soccer in the future! 

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