Monday, April 14, 2014

Splashing and Swimming?

Well, it's only taken me almost a week to share these pictures.....last Monday was a really rainy day, so late Tuesday morning we checked out all the puddles with the promise of getting to splash in them after nap/rest.

It started out as the usual splashing.....

And then we kept walking and looking for more puddles. They were a bit ahead of me and SWIMMING before I knew it. They declared this was the BEST PUDDLE EVER!!!!

Mae got out of the stroller and enjoyed some small puddles and playing with rocks.

Arabelle and Bo had the best time in the swimming hole....they played for about 30 minutes. Mae was content to explore the area too. I was standing there watching Mae play in the mud/rocks while Arabelle and Bo were happily playing in the 'pool' and I was just overwhelmed with the fact that we've been given these 3 sweet kids. :)

Mae even got dirty. :)

They were disappointed that the 'pool' was gone the next day. 

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