Monday, April 7, 2014

Wheeler Park

It's hard to keep us inside once Spring weather is here! We went to the park last Thursday and I actually grabbed my camera for some non-cell phone pics.

This was Mae's first trip to the park since she started walking. It made things easier and much more interesting. :)

I love how babies can squat down like this!

Watching Arabelle and Bo on the big slide.

Silly girl!


No shortage of swing pushers!

 There was a school there and Arabelle was the same size as all the 2nd graders there. She played with a few of the girls. :)

Sweetest little smile!

They had to do a little running.

I packed Arabelle and Bo a picnic lunch and met up with their best buddies (B & B) after they were picked up from school. A & B stayed with them and spent the afternoon at the park, then at their house and their Mimi brought them home around 4:30. They had the best time! 

They sure have grown up a lot in the last year! Wheeler Park, April 2013

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