Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arabelle's Kindergarten Graduation

My girl is a graduate! She worked hard this year and learned SO much!

When I looked at the curriculum at the beginning of the year, it seems like a lot and I couldn't imagine progressing to the end, but we're almost there!

Her graduation with our homeschool group was last Thursday (we had it a little earlier than normal due to scheduling issues). 

There were 4 kindergarten graduates this year!

Each child recited a Bible verse. Arabelle said Proverbs 3:5-6. She practiced in the car the entire drive to graduation, just to be sure. :) She spoke very clearly, but wasn't quite confident enough to stand up straight. So proud of her!

 She was so proud to have a lot of her favorite people at her graduation. It was such a special time to her!

Her Sunday School teachers, Aunt Jane and Mrs. Tammie, came to support her.

After the Graduation and Honor's Night ceremony, we had a delicious dinner. Here's Arabelle with our sweet baby sitter, Alyssa, who is also a homeschool student.

The yummy graduation cake:

The balloons they decorated with were a BIG hit with all the kids! We've still got a few in action at the house.

Family picture with 3 kids and 3 balloons? Nice try! ha!

Thank you all who came! 

*I know I haven't done a homeschool update in a while....I got behind on the updates and haven't tried to catch up. I'll do one more when we're done in a couple of weeks. :)

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