Monday, March 10, 2014

These Three

I just love seeing all 3 kids interact with one another. Bo really pays attention to Mae a lot now, especially when she tries to get his toys. ;) He loves to call her (let's see if I can spell it...) "Maedle", which rhymes with ladle. He'll get right in her face and say "Hey Maedle Maedle!" and she just grins and grins. 

I was cooking supper one evening last week and they were watching Curious George on the iPad. Mae crawled right over and joined in. 

Mae always gets a bath right after supper, since she's such a messy eater, and the big kids always want to hop in with her. It sure gets crowded!

 Happiest baby ever?

They really do get a long so well, most of the time.

 They worked together to build this 'zoo' and separated the animals. You know, so the dinosaurs wouldn't eat the farm animals.

Love my days with these three! 

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