Friday, March 21, 2014

She can RUN!

Arabelle discovered a snake Wednesday afternoon, down by the dirt pile that they play on. She had gone to something up with dirt and I was videoing Mae, then you'll see what happens in the background here....

I felt bad for her, but she was in total freak out mode. I stopped videoing, because she was HYSTERICAL!! I went down and she was right.

I did't know what kind it was, besides NOT a rattlesnake. (Don't worry, I've done my research now and I know that the venomous snakes have 'fat heads' and the non venomous ones have skinny heads) Jared called one of his friends at the Police Dept. and he came and took a look at told me it was a rat snake. 

In the few minutes that we waited, I put all 3 kids on the trampoline and made Arabelle and Bo SIT, so they didn't bounce Mae's little head off. If I would have been brave enough, I would have chopped his head off, regardless of what kind of snake he was. I only like dead snakes. Once I tried to kill a snake and I barely hit it with the hoe before I dropped it and ran away. haha! 

We are on FULL ALERT for snakes now! And we all know that Arabelle can run pretty FAST with those long legs! 

*I showed Arabelle the video on Thursday morning and she thought it was hilarious and said it was okay for me to share the video. :)

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