Monday, March 3, 2014

Atlanta Children's Museum

After Caleb's birthday party, Jared, Bo, Mae and I went to the hotel and Arabelle spent the night at Lindsey's with Mamaw and Papaw. 

We stayed in a suite style hotel room, so Mae was in a separate room from us. I hoped they'd have 2 beds, but it was just 1 king bed and Bo LOVED it! We never sleep with the kids and I slept horribly. haha! I did enjoy the cuddles Sunday morning though. 

After breakfast, Arabelle, Mamaw, and Papaw met us at the hotel and we drove into Atlanta for a visit to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. It was such a neat and fun place!

See how excited Mae was? :)
 They had all sorts if things for the kids and all of it was interactive. It was PERFECT for their ages. I'd say it's good for babies (they had an under 2 area) to about 7ish?

This was next to the grocery store area (Arabelle's favorite!). It had a truck and the loading area with boxes. Papaw really showed them how to unload that truck!

Arabelle spent most of her time in this area. She LOVED it!

Mamaw and I were laughing SO hard when Arabelle and this little girl played grocery store so seriously. They didn't say anything to one another, but Arabelle put all her fruits and vegges on the table, then handed her some play money and the girl opened the cash register and gave her some change back. Arabelle said thank you and loaded it back up and walked away.

Serious business!

Milking the 'cow'. This was the farm section where they showed how milk got from the cow to the grocery store.

This was Bo's favorite area!

He was very busy with the fish and the net & fishing poles. 

Mae enjoyed the baby section! There was just one other baby, 10 mo. old playing.

Arabelle did check out the fishing area too!

This area had 'moon sand', which is a moldable dry sand. They made a cake.

They also had a dress up section and some tap shoes. Arabelle enjoyed those!

We walked up the street and had lunch at Johnny Rocket's. I was so hungry, and the burger was amazing! Of course, some of us had to get milk shakes to go too. ;)

Arabelle and Bo rode back to Pineview with Mamaw and Papaw and they both crashed fast. Mae was asleep before we were to the red light outside of the parking lot and had a good car nap too. 

It was a fun visit to the Children's Museum! 

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