Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mae is 10 months old!

Mae is 10 months old! This is way too close to a year old. :(

  • Mae is still on the same schedule as last month. She's waking up between 6:30 and 7:00, napping around 9 for 1.5 hours and again around 1:30-2 for another 1.5 hours. Occasionally she'll have a short nap and will just go to bed a little early. Bedtime is around 7-7:30. 
  • Mae is night weaned! Yay!!!! She will sometime still wake up and cry a little (or a lot....ugh!), but doesn't need to eat. Other times she sleeps the whole night without a peep.

  • She's still nursing 4x/day. Morning, after her two naps, and at bedtime.
  • Mae is such a great eater! Some of her favorites are diced grapes, cheese, and chili. She eats nearly anything offered to her. She has 3 meals and usually a small afternoon snack. 
  • She has also learned a new 'trick'. She likes to drop her food off the tray on purpose, usually only when she's finished eating. We're nipping that one in the bud right now. ;)
  • Still no teeth for Mae!

  • Mae is a walker! She's been taking a couple of steps for a couple of weeks, but the last few days, she's been walking a lot. It's so strange to look over and see her walking, unprompted!
  • She still LOVES hanging around Arabelle and Bo. 

  •  Mae's hair is really coming in, especially in the back. It's pretty dark! 

  • Mae still hasn't said "mama", but is a pro at saying "bye bye". :)
  • Mae loves to give kisses, especially to baby dolls! 
  • I've taught her to play the 'go night night game' that I've taught all my babies. I say "go night night" and she lays her head down, then I say "wake up!" and she pops her head up grinning. It's a good game because when I lay her down for naps or bedtime, I can say "go night night" and she knows to lay her head down. :)
  • Mae loves to play in the tunnel with Arabelle and Bo. Here's her in action:

Happy 10 months baby Mae! 

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