Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Bo has been insisting he's not a baby anymore and that he's a "big boy", despite still sleeping in a crib and wearing diapers. ;)

Friday, Jared put together his big boy bed and he had his first night in the bed! He was really excited, thankfully.

Trying it out:

Arabelle had to give it a try too. :)

We ended up going with a toddler bed for Bo, which uses his crib mattress. I figured he and Arabelle have jumped and played a lot on the mattress, so we'll just get a new crib mattress for the new baby when the time comes. Plus, his toddler bed will fit in Arabelle's room when the baby needs the crib. 

He went right to bed when it was time and didn't get up before falling asleep. He did come running into our room around 4:15 and sounded so happy..."Mommy!". He sure was sad when I told him it was still dark and he had to go back to his bed. Jared walked him back to his bed and Bo slept until 8:30 this morning! I am assuming it took him awhile to go back to sleep at 4:15 because he never sleeps that late. I'm proud he didn't try to get up again though.

Now for potty training and he'll really be a "big boy"! 

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