Friday, January 11, 2013

Arabelle's Art Class

Now that Arabelle is 4, she's old enough to do some of the art classes in town! She had her first art classes this week. It was all about PAINTING, which is quite possibly her favorite thing to do.

She was also excited because she was supposed to take a snack every day, so she got to use her new lunchbox she got for Christmas from Papa and Grandma LaVell. :)

Monday afternoon, I told her to go pick out some old clothes to wear since she'd be painting. She ran to her room, then ran back and asked "What are old clothes?". I told her to pick something that she didn't mind getting paint on, so she came back with a camo shirt and grey sweat pants. 

Monday, they did raised salt painting. She made her design on the paper with glue, then put salt on top, shook off the excess salt, and dabbed watercolors on top. The salt pulled the color from the brush. It was a neat idea!

Tuesday was photocopy painting. She cut out several pictures (Eiffel tower, front of a car, shark, etc.), glued it to her paper, and was supposed to paint a scene around it. She seems to like abstract art. :)

Wednesday was circle art. This was the day we went to Macon for the Dr. appt, so Sambo picked her up from school and took her to art class. My friend Katie sent me this picture that day. Arabelle's friend, Michelle took the class too. They had a lot of fun creating art together!

I didn't get a picture on Thursday. I had Bo with us and it was Shaving Cream art, so you can imagine the job I had! Bo 'helped' a little, then we went outside to play with pine cones while Arabelle did her art. 

It was a really fun week of art! They'll have a class one week out of the month now through May, so I'm sure we'll be doing more art in the upcoming months!

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