Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: Arabelle and Bo

I'm linking up with Emily at The Journey of Parenthood again today for Flashback Friday!

Bo was acting like a baby (whining, etc.), so I started holding him like a little baby and he thought it was SO funny. Arabelle asked if she could hold the baby and if I'd take a picture of them. ;)

So, I thought I'd flashback to the first several pictures of Arabelle and Bo together!

This was one of the first days home. Bo looks like a giant!!

She always loved holding Bo.

This was the first Sunday after Bo was born.

End of Nov. 2010...working on the Christmas cards!

And here's Arabelle with the 'baby' now. ;)

Bo was pretending to cry like a baby here....he wasn't really sad.

\Hope you enjoyed this little flashback!

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  1. my goodness!!!! she hasnt changed much at ALL as she's gotten older huh??? and Bo was SUCH a beautiful newborn!!!!! seriously, beautiful!!!! (well handsome...but babies can be beautiful even if they are boys right???) thanks for linking up!