Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun, 2012

We had a lot of Fall festivities this October! We enjoyed the Pumpkin Patch and the Georgia National Fair earlier in the month and the church Fall Festival, School Party, and Trick or Treating this last week!

Church Fall Festival: Arabelle dressed in her UGA cheerleading outfit

They loved all the games, slides, candy, and food!

The school party was on Monday. Bo didn't want to wear his Superman costume, but I remembered I had gotten a Fireman rain coat at the consignment sale, so he went as a fireman. I had borrowed a fireman hat from the church. Monday morning, I gave him his hat and he said "This not my hat!" and ran to get the Braves cap. He put it on and said "THIS is my hat!". So, he went as a baseball playing fireman. :)

Arabelle wore the Rapunzel costume, but she couldn't sit for her snack in the dress. :)

Arabelle was SO excited to Trick or Treating on Wednesday! We had church Wednesday evening, so we walked to Connie's and our neighbor, Ms. Sue's in the afternoon.

Princess Arabelle

It was sunny and bright, so they put their candy buckets on their heads for the ride.

Trick or Treat!

They ate a bunch of candy at Connie's! I think the Starburst and Skittles were their favorite candy.

We got home and had to check it all out!

Think Bo was excited??

If was a fun week, but the candy has been stashed away for special treats. Now if the kids would stop asking for candy all the time! :)

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