Monday, November 12, 2012

14 Weeks

Hello 2nd Trimester! I have been looking forward to saying that for WEEKS! The 2nd trimester usually holds improved nausea and more energy for me, so I've been counting down the weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • How far along--14 weeks 1 day
  • Size of baby-- about the size of a lemon or 3.5 inches long
  • Total weight gain/loss-- just 1/2 a pound until I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, then it's all up from there. :)
  • Maternity clothes--not yet, but very soon! I've stopped wearing some of my jeans because I don't want to stretch out the waist (hoping to get back in them again next year!). Hopefully Lindsey will have her baby boy soon so I can get my maternity clothes back!
  • Gender--Finding out on his or her birthday! I'm starting to think GIRL though (maybe Arabelle is convincing me?).
  • Movement--Every now and then I'll feel a tiny flutter. Definitely not everyday. Looking forward to those big kicks!
  • Sleep--Sleeping good now and not feeling as exhausted. I still prefer to go to bed early!
  • What I miss--running, enjoying water (it still tastes yucky to me!), not being nauseated all the time
  • Cravings--Last weekend, I was really wanting dressing, so I made that enjoyed the whole pan. I also really like chocolate milk must need the calcium!
  • Symptoms--Still nauseated nearly all the time, but not getting sick much at all. It's still the worst in the evenings. 
  • Best moment of the week--Arabelle has really been talking about the baby more and Bo will now say there's a baby in there instead of a puppy. :)
I *feel* like my belly is sticking out farther than it looks in the picture. I actually have always LOVED the 2nd half of pregnancy and having a big ol' baby belly (maybe because the 1st half is always so tough on me). :)

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  1. i craved choc milk throughout my pregnancy with britt...i'm guessing girl ;)