Monday, April 13, 2015

Pre-Baby Beach Day!!

When we found out we were expecting another baby in early May, we pretty much decided to skip our summer beach trip this year. For me, it's just not worth spending that much money and taking a young infant to the beach and dealing with the sand, heat, etc., but I knew I wanted to surprise them with day trip to Fernandina Beach. We went last week, on Thursday. They were SO excited when I told them on Wednesday that we were going!!!

Jared took the day off and our awesome baby sitter, Alyssa, went with us. We left a little after 7:30 and we were on the beach and ready to play around 10:15. The weather was PERFECT that day....I had been stalking the Weather Channel app for a good week. Ha!

Obviously, Mae didn't remember the beach from last year, but the big kids were so excited that she kept saying, "BEACH!!!!" and was thrilled when we got there!

The salt water and air made her hair really curl up. I love it!

Lots of pictures of Mae because she was always closest and wasn't moving/running around as much as the other two. ;)


The water was pretty COLD, but Arabelle and Bo did't seem to mind. Fortunately, Alyssa was willing to go out with them. Jared and Bo dug a hole for Mae, so she could have a 'pool'.

Arabelle LOVED riding the waves! She spent most of the afternoon out in the water. It's her favorite part of the beach.

Mae's pool!

Bo really enjoyed the waves too. One hit him in the behind when he wasn't expecting it and he said, "Whoa!!! That wave spanked me!!!". ha!

We were cleaned off and back in the van around 3:30 with some tired kids (and adults!). Mae was asleep before we were off the island and Bo kept saying, "I wish we were still at the beach". Needless to say, we have three beach loving kids! 

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