Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Big Girl!

Well, I think it's safe to say that Mae is pretty well potty trained!!! She had been waking up dry from naps and in the mornings (around 12 hours dry!) and would tell me when she was wet or dirty and ask for a diaper change, so we (well, I) decided to give potty training a try a couple of weeks ago. We started on Wed. March 30th and planned to stay home a few days! She was super excited about her 'undies'. 

My method is to get rid of diapers during awake time (I was still putting a diaper on her at nap/night time to start), push fluids, stay close to the potty, focus on staying clean and dry (Mae would say "keen and dry!!!", and rush to the potty when the accidents started.

First day....so excited!!!

We did spend a lot of time outside and she got to drink a lot of those flavored water 'juice' drinks and eat a lot of popsicles.

It was a loooonnnnggggg few days with lots of accidents while she learned.....

She also did some funny faces while she was in the bathroom. Ha!

By Sunday, she would tell us she had to potty about 2 seconds before she would go. We were getting some in the toilet, but not 100%. Something clicked about 5 days in and the pee accidents pretty much stopped! Now she will tell us in plenty of time to get to the toilet for pee and she has stayed dry through naps the whole time and has wet maybe once or twice at night. She is always SO proud of herself when she uses the toilet!

Our struggles are public restrooms ("big potty potty!!"), where she won't let me hold her on and going #2. She *knows* she needs to go before hand, but she gets nervous about sitting and doing it, so we go back and forth to the bathroom tons of times and she holds it awhile before she finally goes (either in her undies or on the potty). It's frustrating, for sure, but I've got some new ideas to work on this week and hopefully she will catch on. 

Potty training this late in pregnancy is ROUGH (I did the same thing for Arabelle before Bo was born and for Bo before Mae was born), but is worth it to be DONE with diapers! 

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