Thursday, April 9, 2015

36 weeks with baby #4

I can't believe we are under a month from the due date!!!

Some friends from church gave me a little girls' night out/baby shower on Monday (so nice!), so we have diapers and I've pulled out some of Bo's baby clothes, so I'm slowly getting ready. :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • How far along: 36 weeks on Wednesday April, 8th. 
  • Size of the baby: The estimated weight at 36 weeks is 6lb 7oz. Dr. G commented that this baby shouldn't be as big as the others, but he has said that the last two times, so I'm still expecting a 9+ lb baby. Mae measured 6lb 4oz at her u/s around this same time. Baby boy's head was too low for a good picture of his face on the u/s. 
  • Total weight gain: +27 lb. I am about 5 lb from my usual end of pregnancy weight, so looks like I'll end up about the same again...phew!
  • Gender: Definitely a BOY on this last u/s. 
  • Movement: Lots of big movements now and they often hurt. I do love this part of the pregnancy though!
  • Sleep: Waking up more for the bathroom and because I'm sore from laying on one side and I need to roll over, but still getting a good night of sleep (for another month anyway!). 
  • Cravings: Pretty much enjoying food (except steak and hamburgers). 
  • Symptoms: Started having some sciatica here and there in the last week, so I've started going to the chiropractor weekly and will continue until delivery. 
  • What's next: Weekly Dr. appointments from here on out!

One month to go!

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