Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jamaican get away

Jared and I got away for a little Jamaican get away last week. It was SO nice to relax and enjoy 85 degree weather and sunshine! The low temps were only in the mid to upper 70s.

We stayed at the Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios from Wednesday until Saturday. The kids were SO excited to spend a few days at Papaw and Mamaw's too....not sure who was more excited, us or them. ;)

Panoramic view from our room. So nice to hear the waves and feel the breeze!

Sandals is an all inclusive resort, so we ate and drank as much as we wanted! Each morning, we are from a big breakfast buffet and each night we had a 4 or 5 course meal. For lunch we ate at the restaurant right beside the beach and ordered snacks in between. It also included 24 hour room service, so we had cheese cake and chocolate cake one night before bed. All the food was SO good!

The fruit juices they had were delicious. We both probably had 4-5 of the fruit punch drinks (pineapple, mango, and some kind of red fruit juice...cherry maybe?) a day while we were lounging by the beach. Only once did they bring me one with rum in it....that was a surprise! Ha! The 'beach butler' who delivers drinks from the bar felt AWFUL and said he asked for one without alcohol, but considering how many alcoholic drinks they make in a day, I'm sure the bartender wasn't thinking.

Took a picture of the towel elephant for the kids. :)

Our view at lunch on Friday.

I also enjoyed when people would ask, "Is this you first baby?", then watch their eyes bug out and their jaw drop when we'd say it was our 4th. Haha! A couple of the people didn't seem to believe them until we showed them pictures of the kids on our phones.

We had a GREAT time relaxing and reconnecting before baby #4 comes along. :)

Thanks to Papaw and Mamaw for keeping the kids, especially since Bo and Mae were coughing/snotty and Arabelle started with a stomach virus during the night Saturday. 

She perked up quickly and enjoyed modeling her Jamaican dress (Mae has a matching one, but she didn't want to model it).

We got Bo a little bamboo flute and he plays the music while Arabelle dances. ha!

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