Sunday, February 15, 2015

28 weeks with baby #4....third trimester!

I can't believe I'm in the last leg of this pregnancy! The beginning seems SO slow and the rest just flies by.

Pregnancy Highlights:
  • How far along: 28 weeks 4 days as of today (2/15)
  • Size of the baby: Supposedly about 2.5 lbs and the size of a large eggplant. I'm sure this little guy is bigger than average though, like all the rest have been. 
  • Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs....yep. I gained 20 with Arabelle and Bo, 30 with Mae, and probably going to hit 40 this time. I know I'm eating healthier this time than I did with Arabelle (night shift work + cafeteria meant a lot of macaroni and cheese!). I guess being 30 instead of 24 makes a difference. I've lost it all each time with little effort, so I'm hoping my body will do that just one more time!
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Movement: Definitely an active baby in there. Not a whole lot of movement in the mornings and it's sporadic throughout the day, but things pick up in the evenings and night. Some of the kicks are starting to hurt already. 
  • Sleep: I've been sleeping really well, besides a bathroom break once or twice. Usually by 7:00, I'm done laying down and get to feeling nauseated and dizzy if I don't get up and eat something. I've started with a head cold/cough this weekend, so that is making sleep more difficult.
  • Cravings: Nothing really. Still not liking grilled beef (no steak or hamburgers...yuck!). Grilled chicken is okay, but still not the best. I was STARVING for about a week a few weeks ago and was eating a ton of snacks (cereal,  apples with PB, yogurt, etc) but that's stopped, thankfully!
  • Symptoms: Just generally feeling BIG, nausea in the morning before I eat and I get nauseated in the evenings some, no matter if I've had a snack or not, lots of tension headaches on the back of my head and neck (need to get to the chiropractor soon!), and other things that I'm sure no family members want to think about and I didn't even know existed before I had children (even after Arabelle and body is wearing out!).
  • Best moment of the week: Feeling and seeing all the little kicks and trying to teach Mae that there's a baby in there and not a ball. :)
  • What's next: I had my glucose test last week at my 28 week appt and passed that just fine. Next appt in 4 weeks will be with the nurse practitioner since the Dr. will be out of town, then 3 weeks after that (35 weeks), will be an appt with the Dr. and an u/s to measure the baby's growth. I am already feeling some kicks up high on my belly, so I think this boy is a whopper. 

This is hilarious to me.....28 weeks with Arabelle and 28 weeks this time. Things stretch out a lot quicker the 4th time. :p

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