Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sick babies!

We have had quite a week! Friday was a week ago, we left to go to Papaw and Mamaw's house for the weekend because Jared was gone, I needed the help, and the kids would have a blast. Well, Mae threw up in the car about 15 minutes after we left the house. Awful. It was awful. Luckily, I had an extra booster seat in the car from when a little girl rode to church with us, so I shuffled the kids around, stripped Mae down, and away we went (with the windows cracked and the heater on!). Mae made it almost to Papaw and Mamaw's house before getting sick in Bo's car seat (Bo was so mad at her! Ha!). 

She settled on down and never got sick again. Phew.

Bo woke up Sat. morning with a fever and congestion (so, Sat. was day 1 for him).

Cuddling up and making silly faces: 

Sunday Bo was still sick and I figured out that I had picked up the stomach virus from Mae. I was feeling AWFUL Sat. night, but thought it was pregnancy sickness until early Sun morning. Fortunately, it was a relatively short virus and I was back to my baseline nausea by Monday morning.

We got home Sunday afternoon. As you can see, Mae had perked up. :)

Arabelle picked up the stomach virus on Monday  (and Mamaw did too....sorry Mamaw!!!) and Bo was still feverish, congested, and coughing. Pretty pitiful! Mae went to pre-school that day and stayed through lunch and nap time so I could recover and the big kids could rest without a high energy toddler around. 

Arabelle was fine by Tue morning, Bo was still sick, and Mae woke up feverish and snotty. 

So, off to the Dr we went for Bo, who was on day 4 of the fever. His ears were beginning to get infected from all the drainage and sinus congestion, so he started his first ever antibiotic.

Big kids at the Dr office! 

Pitiful boy! His amoxicillin is pink and supposed to be bubble gum flavored. After he swallowed his first dose, Arabelle asked him what it tasted like and he said, "A hot dog with bubble gum in it....not good!". Hahaha!

Mae ran a fever from Tuesday-Friday, but was fine Saturday. She has been sleepier than usual and a bit moody. She went from this:
 to this in about a second....

So far Arabelle seems to have missed out on this fever and cold virus (not the flu, Bo's swab was negative).

I had the fever, coughing, and congestion from Wed night on to now. The fever stopped during the night Friday night, but the congestion and coughing is about to drive me nuts and I feel even more awful for how the kids must have felt!

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