Sunday, November 9, 2014

14 weeks....second trimester!!!

Finally, second trimester!!! The first trimester always creeps by and the last one goes by too fast. Ha!

Trying to get back to blogging regularly.....

Pregnancy highlights:

  • How far along: 14 weeks 4 days
  • Size of the baby: About the size of a lemon or 3.5 inches long
  • Total weight gain/loss: I was down 2 lbs at the last appointment 2 weeks ago, so probably back to starting weight by my next appointment.
  • Maternity clothes: I've stopped wearing my slimmer fitting jeans because I don't want to stretch them out. Some regular clothes fit and I've pulled out one pair of maternity jeans. 
  • Gender: finding out on the 19th! I'm guessing boy, along with Bo. Arabelle wants a girl. :)
  • Movement: I've felt a few little flutters, but nothing consistent. 
  • Sleep: not very good...crazy dreams, congestion, and coughing is not a great combination.
  • What I miss: enjoying food, energy, feeling like a normal human being, being active with the kids, etc. 
  • Cravings: I hate food.
  • Symptoms: Still nauseated nearly all the time, but not throwing up nearly as much. Haven't tried weaning off the Zofran though. Feeling awful in the evenings still. Exhausted all the time. Basically Jared is a saint for dealing with me....
Well, that was all pretty negative, I guess. Ha! I just hate this part of the pregnancy, but I'm super excited about this little baby!!! I'm really looking forward to finding out boy/girl and to start feeling better. 

Getting a little bit of a baby bump....

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