Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Arabelle LOVES to go bowling. Or "bowling balling" as she usually says. Or "cannon balling" as she said to Jared while they were out on their date the other night. ha!

Saturday, the kids and I went over to Albany to visit Moma Love, Uncle Jim, and "the Love boys!" as we call them. Uncle Matt and Aunt Catherine's boys were down for a few days and we hadn't seen them in months. I couldn't get over how TALL they all were!

We had a yummy lunch at Chick-fil-a, then went bowling!

This was Bo's first time bowling. He didn't love it, but he still played. Blurry cell phone pics ahead:

Here they are in action. Arabelle actually bowled her ball down the lane on the left once, by mistake. And it took a lady's turn who was about to bowl. Luckily, she thought it was funny! 

I like the *bounce* that Arabelle does at the beginning:

Wait on Bo at the end....his ball rolls SLOWLY, but his reaction at the end is worth it. 

It was a fun day!

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