Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Since school was cancelled on Wednesday (TONS of rain this week!), the kids' Valentine party got moved to Thursday. They were SO excited this morning!

I found these little mailboxes at Target for $1 a couple of weeks ago. They were perfect to stuff a few little treats in and I know they'll LOVE playing with them!

Bo was yelling "Valentine!"

Party time at school!

 And apparently she was terrified. ha! I got a good laugh when I uploaded this picture a bit ago.

Bo enjoyed his party too!

Arabelle finished up art class for the week today, so Bo and I have had some quiet afternoons this week! Bo got a chocolate covered marshmallow in one of his treat bags and I had stuck it back towards the back of the counter today, thinking Jared would enjoy it (they had a TON of treats at school!). Well, Bo found it (thanks to a step stool) and asked for it. Then he started dancing away to the music I had playing:

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