Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mini Moments

Catching up here again! We have been busy with school and Bo's birthday celebration, which turned into a week long thing. :)

I *finally* sold some baby clothes at a consignment sale, so one Sunday afternoon Arabelle and I went to Valdosta after church to pick up the money and left over clothes. It was a fun outing! We ate at Olive Garden and used GCs we had for years. Arabelle LOVES restaurants (like her mom!), so it was fun to watch her enjoy that. 


We are wrapping up the first volume of Story of the World and read about the ancient Roman aqueducts. We decided to use some old construction materials to make our own version .

Zeke's new trick. Ughhh!

Bo made a Lego pencil holder for our school desk. It works really well!

Recess at the park:

We found a really big praying mantis. Science at the park!

Sometimes Zeke gets a little impatient while I'm cooking supper....

Making his own PBJ:

Arabelle was play cooking and sorted all the crayons by color family.

I came down from putting Mae and Zeke down for naps and found Arabelle and Bo reading a book from the library.

Dirt delivery during lunch one day:

 A little dirt don't hurt, right?

Post dirt pile bath!

That's not an Oreo, it's potting soil.

This is Bo showing his serious face with his new Super Man shirt:

Art for Kids Police car:

Just a few more slip-n-slide days. Here are a couple of slip n slide videos:
#1 and #2.

Stuck in a box:


Here's a video of the two of them together.

Morning walks:

Teething?? Ha!

Learning to color (and not eat the crayons).

We had a homeschool park day a few weeks ago at the state park, so we went early to check out the animals! It was Zeke's first time and he loved it! Here's a video of Zeke with the sheep and goats and the kids with the chickens and roosters.

Mae had cowgirl day at preschool recently. She was a pretty cute cowgirl!

Their hair is the same!

HOT WHEELS!!! Here is a video of Bo demonstrating his Hot Wheels.

Zeke had picked up a bucket of sand and drank the sand out of it. This was his face after. Ha! He was so confused, but didn't cry.

Frisbee with the girls. Here's a video of the girls playing.

All the kids enjoyed introducing Zeke to Play-doh.

Stick fighting. They were pretending to be Rome (Arabelle) vs. Carthage (Bo was Hannibal). Rome won....Arabelle accidentally hit Bo in the cheek and ended the battle. Oops! Here's a video that ends before the accident.

Treats from Sambo:

More videos:

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