Saturday, September 17, 2016

Labor Day 2016

We spent Labor Day in Pineview this year for one last summer 'hurrah' and all the cousins were there!

Mae and Lowndes are both 3 and really had fun together!

Lots of activity for Zeke:

Jacob and Mae:

Busy Boy:

Bo took Zeke for a slow ride:

All the kids! Arabelle (7), Zeke (15 mo), Lowndes (3), Isaiah (6), Nolan (1 yr), Anderson (8), Mae (3), Bo (6), Jacob (3), Caleb (5)

Mae had really taken to the water this summer!

Zeke loves water so much. He doesn't really want to be held in the water, so I ended up letting him 'swim' for a few seconds and he loved it!!

The pool was busy!

We had a great day together!

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