Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zeke is 5 months old!

Zeke was 5 months old on Saturday, Oct. 17th. Every month I say how fast the time is going by, but it's really true!

  • Zeke is such a big boy! He's somewhere in the 17 lb range and continues to grow well. He's still wearing the same size clothes and diapers from last month. His 6 mo footie PJs will be too short soon, I bet.
  • He loves to play with his feet and has just started to suck on his toes some. 
  • Zeke was waking just one time a night last month, but now he is waking two times a night. I looked back and Mae did the same thing, so I'm just rolling with it and figuring we'll sleep again sometime. 
  • Zeke wakes around 7, but has woken really early a few nights this week. He is on 3 naps a day. Sometimes they are all short (40 minutes) and sometimes he will take 1 good nap (1.5 hours) a day. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. 
  • His awake time is right around 2 hours in the morning and stretching to 2.5 hours by evening. He sleeps with a little lovey (elephant head and small blanket body) and will sometimes chew on it before he falls asleep. 
  • Bedtime depends on how the naps go, but is usually around 6:30-7.

  • He has started sticking his tongue out a lot lately, which is pretty cute! 

  • So many people comment on how easy going and sweet Zeke is, and they are right! He rarely fusses in the car now, although we have't made any big trips. He will occasionally go to sleep in the car, but it never lasts long. He's content to sit in the car seat and play with a toy when we have to run errands or go to check out the new house. 

  • The kids love trying to get Zeke to smile and laugh, which is pretty easy. Over the weekend, I put Mae in the crib with Zeke when he woke up from a nap. It wasn't very well received. Haha!

  • He is doing a lot of wiggling and rolling around, so I imagine he will be mobile in another month or two! He learned to roll from belly to back soon after 4 mo, so he just rolls and rolls and rolls all over the place. 

  • Zeke's other new trick is that he can sit up! He will sit for a few minutes as long as he's got a toy or person right in front of him. Otherwise he leans on over and plays with something else. He looks so big sitting up! 

  • Zeke loves the little jumper and it's a big help when it's meal time around here. 
  • He is also doing really well at independent playtime. He goes in the play pen at least 2 times a day for around 15-20 minutes and rarely fusses about it. Why didn't I do this with the other kids??

  • I can't get over how fast a baby can grow and change in such a short amount of time! 

  • All four at 5 mo old. Arabelle and Bo on top and Mae and Zeke on the bottom. Zeke has so much more hair than the others!

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