Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party

Where did I leave off!? We had a great time in Haiti last week....pics to come.

Grandpa turned 80 while we were gone, so we had his a surprise birthday party on the 19th. I guess he was told we were visiting since Jared and I were going to Haiti the next weekend. Once all the food was delivered and we started taking some pictures, I think he was confused. Ha!


Mae was tickling Bo. :)

She loved swinging!

So I told Arabelle to take Mae for a drive, really slowly. She went about 3 feet, then looked at Mae and said, "Is that enough?". Haha!

 Grandpa used to say that when he was 75 and I was 25, we'd go on a cruise. Now he said when we're 100 and 50. I'm going to hold him to it! *You could say that he HATES to travel.

 Kissin' cousins

Grandpa and his brother, Uncle James.

It was a great day celebrating Grandpa! 

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