Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bo is 4 years old!

Bo is 4 years old! I can't believe that he's gotten so big. He was SO excited about turning four. He told me that he thought he'd look like a grown up when he woke up this morning. He was disappointed that he wasn't grown, but he did say he thought he looked a little taller. :)

Tuesday night, I took his last few pictures as a three year old. He busted out this crazy face right away. Clown. 

He's such a handsome boy. He asked me to cut his hair on Tuesday. He wanted to "be bald like Daddy!", but I buzzed it with the #1 guard on and he's happy with it.

Here he is with the treasured 'red truck'. He got this for Christmas when he was two. YES, two!!! He carries it everywhere and sleeps with it.

He is such a loving boy. Can he be a "mama's boy" forever??

He woke up about the same time as Mae, so we did a little quick cuddling (he gets up and comes to our bed to snuggle in the mornings...I love it!), before getting the day going. We ALWAYS start with birthday pancakes!

His favorite...bubble tape!!! He also got a Captain America t-shirt.

I also got him some helium balloons from the dollar store. $1 balloons that will entertain them for a week? An obvious yes!

He had a little party at his pre-school today during snack time. He wanted a "Captain America" party, so I ordered some little plastic rings off Amazon. I ordered a pack of 24, but they sent me 12, in a flimsy little envelope and one was broken. Cue a sad birthday boy. I ended up giving him one to wear/carry to school and just didn't worry about the rest (and Amazon gave me my $$ back + $5 credit).

Arabelle was SO excited about Bo's birthday!

Bo's cupcake fell apart and so did he.
 Bo's class. I'm sure all the Mom's hate me now. The kids had red or blue icing all over their clothes. Oops!

The celebration will continue tomorrow when Mamaw and Papaw visit. Then we're foregoing a big birthday party this year and spending a day at the Magic Kingdom next week. We're excited!!!

Our baby boy has grown and changed so much in the last 4 years! We love you Bo!

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