Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday, Jared!

We had a fun weekend celebrating Jared's 30th birthday! Jared isn't really into birthdays, but with Arabelle around, there's no small celebration.

We made a "Happy Birthday" poster Friday. Friday, Jared got home from being away a few days for work and the celebration began!

Saturday, we went ahead and gave Jared his birthday present, so he could play with it.

A remote controlled helicopter!

We all like the helicopter! 

We got his favorite butternut cake from the bakery for his birthday and it didn't last long!

Sunday (his actual birthday), we made him pancakes for breakfast, then one of his favorites, shredded beef tacos for lunch. He rounded out the day with an afternoon nap. :)

Arabelle has been wanting to throw him a 'surprise' party for weeks now, so his party was Monday at lunch. She hid and jumped out and yelled 'surprise!!!' when he walked in. haha!

See how excited!!!

She also LOVED her outfit and said she felt "like a rockstar!!!"

It was a great time celebrating Jared! :)

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