Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We had a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating Father's Day. It was filled with family fun, good food, and swimming!

We started Friday evening by celebrating Sambo's birthday and visiting with family. Tripp and Bo both say that they are each other's best friends. They walked around the room at the restaurant saying "Bo is my best friend" and "Tripp is my best friend" over and over. Aren't they sweet!?

Saturday, we went to Pineview to celebrate Father's Day with Papaw and Grandpa. We spent the afternoon swimming, eating homemade ice cream, and having a good BBQ supper.

Papaw with 3 of his 8 grandchildren!

So thankful for a hard working Dad!

Bo is fearless in the water and is a great swimmer now!

Arabelle is a bit more hesitant, but is a good swimmer too. I think she'd be better if she couldn't stand up in the shallow end. ;)

They both do good belly flops!


Quite possibly my favorite picture of Grandpa EVER! I love it. :)

Poor Jared didn't get a whole lot of special treatment for Father's Day this year. He did take a nap Saturday, but Sunday turned into a whirlwind of a day. He got up with the kids around 7. I just can't drag myself out of bed early right now when I'm up twice/night with Mae. We went to church, then Sambo and Leigh Leigh's for lunch. Bo was really whiny and clingy during church, which is unusual. We usually have a bit of trouble with him sitting still and staying quiet, but he was mighty cuddly. We realized at lunch that he had a fever. No other symptoms, but the fever was enough to make him feel pretty miserable.

We attempted a family picture, which just makes me laugh to look at. We'll remember how crazy this time in our life was when we look back on this picture. 

The sun was too bright for Arabelle, Bo was miserable with a fever, and Mae was so overtired and overstimulated from the activities of the day. I remind myself daily that this is just a short season of our life and things won't always be so hectic. I feel like I'm sweating all day long chasing these 3 kids around in the June heat though!

I did get a sweet one with my girls. 

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