Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blueberry Pictures 2013

We started a fun tradition back in 2009, taking a picture of the kids on a picnic blanket with a big basket of Sambo's blueberries. We didn't know at the time how much fun it would be to look at the pictures over the years and see how the kids have grown and changed.

Last year, I had to do some heavy duty Photoshopping to get a picture of all the kids looking. This year, the kids did GREAT!! All I had to do was crop it a bit and brighten it up!

Gigi (5 yrs), Tripp (2 yrs), Arabelle (4 yrs), Mae (1 mo.), Bo (2 yrs), Rhianna (6 yrs)

It was HOT and the gnats were so bad. Most of the pictures have at least one kid swatting the gnats.

Tripp looks a little unhappy here. Someone told him to stop eating blueberries for the picture. ;)

Now he's happy!

5 years of blueberry pictures!

I wonder how hard it will be to get them to come home from college for the picture?? :)

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