Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Fun

We've been doing lots of fun Christmas activities lately. I think it's safe to say that making these candy 'Christmas trees" was definitely Arabelle's favorite! 

Arabelle's friend Michelle came over Monday to join the fun and they both liked eating their creation.

Bo skipped making the tree and just ate the decorations.

Tuesday night, we went to Arabelle and Bo's school for Storytime with Santa. Bo hopped right up and asked for a fishing rod. Arabelle was a bit more hesitant, but sat and asked for a pink pen. I have to share that Bo was a little disappointed that he didn't get the fishing rod right then.

Tuesday morning, we went to the park and they both wore their new Christmas sweatshirts from Grandma LaVell. Arabelle LOVED that her's had a lot of 'jewels' on it.

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