Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012, Part 1

We had a whirlwind of a Christmas this year! It was so fun!

Saturday morning, we went to Pineview for the Bloodworth Christmas Extravaganza!

I was so excited to finally get to hold Jacob! He's 4 weeks already!

He was my nap buddy Saturday afternoon. I loved it!

Ok, one more. ;)

Of course, there was lots of playing outside too.

We played the "Thanksgiving Game" at Christmas this year and Brian took the giraffe with a record setting score. Caleb was SO excited to get the giraffe.

Waiting for supper

Arabelle was so excited when it was *finally* time to open presents.

The whole family


Uncle Matt and the boys stopped by for the afternoon & evening too. All the kids really enjoy playing with the older boys.

Ready for church on Sunday.

Bo went, but he didn't go to Sunday School with the others, which is why he was still in his PJs.

We had Sunday lunch at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Not sure what this look was about!

Who is excited!?

Arabelle got just what she wanted from Aunt Dawn....footie PJs!

Monday we enjoyed the Roberts' Christmas. We all chowed down on Ranchero's for lunch (and we're still enjoying the leftovers!). 

Bo thought it was funny to sit in Sambo's seat and enjoy his cookie. See his hammer there on the table? He did a lot of repairs on Monday!

Ready to pass out gifts!

I think Gigi was most excited about her iPad mini!

Arabelle got a Doc McStuffins Dr. kit and LOVES it!

We figured out how to get the 2 girls quiet...iPads! ;)

Arabelle and Bo opened their gifts from our friend Nancy Monday night. I don't think they'd ever get tired of opening gifts!

Arabelle especially liked her Barbie and horse!

And the box. ;)

Stay tuned for Part 2, Christmas Day!

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