Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bible Verse and Bananas

Arabelle has a Bible verse to learn each week for school. She already knew the verse for the first week (Genesis 1:1), but had a new one to learn for this next week. We started practicing on Friday evening and she learned it quick! She is a bit confused on what to say first, the verse or the reference, but she has got it down! Now, if she'll actually say it at school this next week!
"All things were made by Him." John 1:3

Bo has learned that bananas are a great styling product! He loves bananas at breakfast, but also loves to mash them up and rub them in his hair. Who knew that banana would spike hair so well!

What Mom????
And, yes, I cut my hair! Here is the ponytail, ready to be mailed to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! The ponytail ended up being a bit over 10 inches and I had about 12 inches total cut by the time she shaped it up and all. I would have liked it to stay a little longer, but it'll always has!

It feels SO short!


  1. I love the video of Arabelle! She is doing so good. Bo is just as cute as ever...very creative. :) And I LOVE your haircut!

  2. That was Asher's bible verse last week too! Your hair looks great...not short at all if you ask me! And maybe you've discovered an all natural hair styling product with that banana!