Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Swim Team 2016

This is the first year Arabelle has been old enough for the swim team at the rec dept and she is loving it! She did a swim stroke class in April and May to learn all four swim strokes. Swim team practice started the end of May and the swim meets started in June. She has come a long way and is doing great!

Rhianna and Gigi are on the swim team too!

I was lucky enough to have our babysitter keep the other kids during the swim meets (three so far). It's been so hot and the meets last about 5 hours. This last one though, she woke up sick, so we scrambled around and Zeke came with us. Phew....he wore me out! He was spoiled with a lot of girls willing to play with him, feed him snacks, and stroll him around though. :)

The last swim meet, they put Arabelle in the 100 IM (individual medley) and she was really nervous! She did great, but was exhausted when it was over!

 This was her first meet doing the butterfly and she surprised me and placed 3rd!


District swim is tomorrow and she's excited (ok, and I am too)!

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