Monday, April 11, 2016

Chehaw Park

A couple of weeks ago, we made an impromptu trip to Chehaw park. It was the week that all the schools here had Spring Break and since we took a week off when we moved, I planned for us to have school each week. By Wednesday afternoon, we were all going a little stir crazy for some reason, so I decided to take us somewhere fun! We packed a picnic and met Mamaw at the Chehaw zoo.

Arabelle used my old camera and took a lot of pictures, but somehow deleted every single picture on the card (like 250+ pictures!!!), so we're left with a few cell phone pictures. 

Zeke LOVED the little meerkats! He watched them through the glass and one just ran back and forth for a while. 

ALLIGATORS!!! They were laying all over the place. I was pretty ready to get out of that area!

After the zoo, we had our picnic lunch and played on the play ground.

It's hard to see, but Mamaw, Arabelle, and Bo played a little disc golf on their course. It was pretty fun!

Arabelle and Mae wanted to go through the zoo again, so the boys and I stayed at the playground while Mamaw took the girls through the zoo.

Zeke is looking SO big these days in his shorts and t-shirt!

The pictures are all out of order....the top ones were off my phone and these are off Mamaw's. They enjoyed the excavator beside the meerkat exhibit.

We had a great time and enjoyed the break from school for our little field trip! 

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