Friday, July 24, 2015

Mini Moments

I am snapping pictures a lot through the week, so I'm going to try to dump them all here once a week in a little 'mini moments' post.

Mae wanted to put on Jared's chapstick the other day. Her aim was a little off. ;)

Free car wash by Arabelle and Bo. 

I was feeding Zeke and Mae hopped up beside me and said, "I read to you. Cow says moo!".

Well, Bo is a hoarder. He has this box of his 'stuff' and there is so much junk in it....dragonflies he has colored, a feather, piece of yarn, army men, money, plastic frog, marbles, a truck, a painted sun catcher, etc. I found some pieces of glass in it he found at the park and apparently brought home, so I had to smuggle those out of his box.

Silly face

When Zeke wakes up early from his nap, I bounce him a bit on the exercise ball. Mae brought her ball and Elmo over to bounce too.

Birthday candles!

Captain America....I mean, Bo.

Happy girls at the free movie.

Mae has mastered the 'cheese' smile

We love watermelon!

Is this not the sweetest smile!?

One day last week, Mae insisted on wearing Bo's Hulk shirt

Zeke napping while the kids play outside. 

Arabelle and Bo, reunited after Arabelle finished camp last week (she was gone all day and only home to sleep).

The kids were playing on Saturday and Mae came in with a purse and had Bo's pistol in it. Ha!

I found Bo 'reading' to Zeke one morning. :)

Arabelle 'drew' this by holding the picture up to the window and drawing it onto the back of the paper. She tried to sell it to me for $10. Ha!

Some days are LONG, but we do have a lot of fun!

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