Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa 2014

Saturday, we went to a Christmas activity at the state park for the kids to meet Santa. It was our last chance and it was free, so off we went!

I figured Mae would not like it. I was right. Ha!

Bo went first and walked right up and hugged him. He wasn't shy about it at all!

 Arabelle was a bit hesitant, but cooperated.

Mae started whining when I got close, then flipped OUT when I tried to hand her to him. He didn't want to take her, but I shoved her in his arms for the picture. Definitely got one of those classic 'my kid hates Santa' pictures!

Santa didn't really have much lap room, so I didn't try a picture with all 3 together. 
 Our friends were able to go with us, so the kids had extra fun!

This series of pictures of the boys is hilarious! Getting 4 year olds to take a real picture is hard.

Mae enjoyed the cookies!

 We ended with a hayride to the car.

It was a fun little event!

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