Wednesday, July 16, 2014

30th Birthday

Enjoyed celebrating my 30th birthday on Sunday (well, except the part about waking up with UTI symptoms at 3am, skipping part of church to go to the walk-in clinic to get meds, and feeling pretty badly most of the day). 

I was glad to get a couple of good pictures with my favorite little people! 

Arabelle took a few pictures for us.

Jared cooked us breakfast and Arabelle had made a card (full of glitter) and Bo picked out a pack of gum for me. Of course, right when I opened it, he wanted a piece. He loves gum! 

When the kids went to the dollar store after church on Sunday, Sambo let the kids buy me a present. Arabelle chose this beautiful retro looking lamp. I've got to get a bulb for it and put it on display! 

Bo picked out some 'punch balloons' that I apparently have always wanted. :) He and Tripp had fun with them and I never saw them after I blew one up. ha! 

Mae and I had long afternoon naps, so that was a nice birthday treat. 

My 20s were SO amazing and I'm excited to see what this decade will hold! 

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