Monday, October 21, 2013

Mae is 5 months old!

Mae has been a busy little lady! She is now 5 months old!

  • Mae is such a happy girl! She's following a 3.5-4 hour schedule now and has been napping really well most days.
  • She is up for the day between 7-7:30. I wake her at 7:30 if she's not up yet. She is always SO happy in the mornings! She's taking 3 naps/day and goes to bed around 7-7:30. The first two naps are usually 1.5 hours and the last one is a short 40 minute nap. That nap can be a battle some days!

  • Night sleep seems to be all over the place, despite the day being very predictable. Some nights she will sleep through until 4:30-5, nurse, and go back to sleep. Some nights she'll wake at midnight and 5ish. 

  • Not long after 4 months she started rolling to her belly to sleep, so now she's a belly sleeper. She cried for about 15-20 minutes the first time she rolled in the crib, then was fine with it. She's been completely off the swaddle since then too.
  • She still loves to suck her thumb and tends to prefer the right hand now days. She goes down without a peep for most naps. Sometimes she'll cry for a minute or so, but never for very long. 
  • She doesn't nap very well at all in the car. She'll sleep 15-20 minutes at a time. 
  • She is almost sitting up independently. She can sit for a few seconds before lunging over at whatever she wants. She enjoys sitting in the bumbo during story time. 

  • She still loves playing with her feet and sucking on her toes. 
  • Mae loves to spend time outside! 

  • She really enjoys playing with toys now and loves jumping in her jumper. She also is really doing a lot of moving around! 

  • She's in a size 2 diaper and size 6 mo. clothes. They are nearly too short though, so we'll be pulling out the 9 mo soon!
  • She still drools a ton and spits up only occasionally now. Her hair is really starting to come in now. 
  • She loves to laugh and smile, especially at Arabelle and Bo!

  • She also has a new trick! 

Mae is growing up so quickly! I think it seems to go by faster for each baby. I look forward to watching her grow and change in the months ahead! 

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